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Where is the Digital Savings Membership® valid?

The Digital Savings Membership® is valid across the US and Canada. Offers vary by market.

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How is my product going to be delivered?

For Entertainment® Book Membership sales, your product will be sent directly to the address provided upon ordering. You will receive your Digital Access Code to the email address provided with your Entertainm...

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How do I deactivate my Account?

Contact your Chairperson. They will contact their Entertainment Representative to deactivate your account. If you deactivate your account, neither the seller nor the organization will receive credit for your pu...

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Why was my photo removed from my page?

Your photo may have been removed because you did not have permission to post it (such as using a Trademark associated with another organization), it did not conform to decency standards, or you did not have con...

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My child is under 13, what information on them is collected/reported?

The fundraising Chairperson who set up the sales account already knows who your child is. A report will be submitted to the Chairperson, that identifies what child sold products, how many and to whom.

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