Fundraising Support


How do I incent my Sellers?

Work with your Sales Representative on different ideas to motivate your Sellers. Remember, not only can you can monitor sales by Seller, you can also monitor number of emails sent and number of Facebook and Twi...

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Why does a Fundraising Page need to be created for my Organization?

The main Fundraising Page, created by Entertainment®, is your Organization's personalized fundraising story, and your record of how many products you have sold and whom you have asked to buy. It links the Chai...

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How do I set up my fundraising page?

As a chairperson of a committed account, you should have received a Welcome email from Entertainment containing your password and login information, as well as instructions on how to customize your group’s site...

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Why was my photo removed from my page?

Your photo may have been removed because you did not have permission to post it (such as using a Trademark associated with another organization), it did not conform to decency standards, or you did not have con...

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